A live improvised game between an actor and an invited guest. Beginning in the form of an intimate interview, they attempt to get to the heart of the question: what would you save from the fire?  Let’s gather together. Let’s squeeze in beside one another. We’ll warm our hands on the flames, play games of chance, tell stories of the old world, and see our future in the embers. We’ll remember this night.   Originally created for live in-person theatre, the 2020 pandemic prompted us to adapt it for an online audience, and so the piece about resilience and protecting the things you love from a hostile future, became itself an act of resilient adaptation.   Interview guests included: Travis Alabanza, Raymond Keane, Gemma Dunleavy, Tom Gilmore, Zainab Boladale, Amanda Coogan, Felicia Olusanya, Andy Lee, Gina Moxley, Grainne Hallahan, Wren Dennehy and Philip Connaughton.
– Reviews Some have pushed hard at Zoom’s theatrical possibilities. Few faring better than Fionnuala Gygax and Dan Colley whose cleverly subversive Twenty Fifty takes Zoom in an entirely fresh direction…smartest, most innovative approximations of live theatre online.”  – The Arts Review ★★★★  
– Cast + Crew Created by Dan Colley & Fionnuala Gygax Performed by Fionnuala Gygax & Guests Director Dan Colley Dramaturg Gavin Kostick Production Manager Eoin Kilkenny Lighting Designer Colm Maher Photographer & Videographer Patricio Cassanoni Graphic Designer Sarah Moloney Guest performers: Gemma Dunleavy, Tom Gilmore, Travis Alabanza, Felicia Olusanya, Gina Moxley, Zainab Boladale, Daryl McCormack, Andy Lee, Wren Dennehy, Raymond Keane, Grainne Hallihan, Amanda Coogan, Philip Connaughton
– Production TWENTY FIFTY is part of DUETS, an artist support initiative made with the combined expertise of Irish Theatre Institute, Fishamble: The New Play Company and Dublin Fringe Festival. Duets Champions professional artists working in pairs to tell one-of-a-kind stories using the unique combination of their skills. Developed with the support of THISISPOPBABY for Where We Live 2020. Supported by The Digital Hub, Official Digital Partner of Dublin Fringe Festival with production support from Riverbank Arts Centre and Bewleys Café Theatre. Huge thank you to Peter Mannion whose advice and support has been an essential resilience-building force in the creation of this show.

Photos by Simon Lazewski