To Space

Niamh Shaw

Science Gallery

As part of Tiger Dublin Fringe 2014


Scientist and performer Dr. Niamh Shaw explores the beauty, darkness and humanity of Space in a multimedia immersive performance that buzzes with new technologies and explorer’s passion.

A multimedia installation, visual and sound effects, inspiring personal stories, a year of interviewing astronauts, astrophysicists, space industries and potential future colonists of Mars…
All the effort our team undertook to bring you this thrilling, highly sensual and interactive performance is nothing in comparison to an immensity of human exertion to achieve the unachievable and get to Space.

Dr. Niamh Shaw interrogates this desire with a journalistic inquisitiveness, knowledge of an expert and passion of a dreamer.

What is there behind our fascination of this cold, dark place?
How much of the darkness do we bring there with us?
What are we chasing and what are we escaping from?
What are the costs of pursuing one’s dream?