WillFredd Theatre

Dublin Fringe, The Big House Fesival, The Lír

FARM played in an industrial space as part of the Dublin Fringe 2012, and subsequently the Big House Festival in Celbridge. FARM won Best Off-Site Production in the Fringe and was nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award for best production.
FARM asks: what can rescue us? WillFredd teamed up with farmers young and old, beekeepers, allotment owners and city dwellers to interrupt the city centre with FARM, a space where the Rural and the Urban unite and bloom. Play with the cycles of life and death, land and machines, animals and insects, dawn and dusk.
Reviews and awards
“A gleefully eccentric documentary…outstanding in its field”
* * * * – Irish Times
“FARM’s greatest achievement though is its ability to make your soul sing and yearn at the same time. It makes us pine for the simple pleasures, the reality that impedes them and the almost perfect theatrical experience that it embodies.”
* * * * * entertainment.ie
• Nominated for Best Production, Irish Times Theatre Awards 2013
• Winner of Best Off-Site Production, Dublin Fringe Festival 2012
• Winner of Lir ReVival Award, Dublin Fringe Festival 2012